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As you build your life, career, and family, the stress involved with managing your finances can make you anxious and pull you away from your day-to-day focus. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When you retain a team of experienced credit advisors, we can help you control your finances effectively so you can focus on doing the things you love.

And remember that your road to financial freedom can do a lot more than pay for your everyday expenses and holidays.

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Who we help

We have a holistic approach to Finance, personal wealth, and business growth. So no matter if you're an individual or a corporation, we’re here ready to serve our community.

In particular, we help individuals or corporations to get finance to buy, renovate or build, or develop a new property.

However, If you need to get Finance (Home Loan) to Build a New Home or to Buy a New Home - We Can Assist You.


  • New Home Purchase
  • New Home Construction Finance
  • Customised New Home Finance
  • Home Renovation Finance

We help you grow, protect, and preserve your wealth with comprehensive, personalised credit management services. Your prosperity is our priority, and we strive to help you plan for all aspects of financial credit success

Business Owners & Corporations

  • Investment Property Finance
  • Investment Property Construction Finance
  • Specialised property finance
  • Rural Property Finance

We help you grow, protect, and preserve your wealth with comprehensive, personalised credit management services. Your prosperity is our priority, and we strive to help you plan for all aspects of financial credit success

New Home Finance & Construction Home Loans

What's Our Process?

A Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice.

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The team at New Home Finance would like to establish a long-term relationship with all our clients - one, where we are held accountable for our service given to you.

Overcome your fear with a 45 minute initial consult to determine if we might be the trusted credit advisor for you.

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Hello "-----" how may we help you?

"A Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice!"

Our Initial Consult is to find out if we can help you.

1. You make contact with us.

2. Diagnose, Probe, and Actively Listen

3. Prescribe & Implement

4. Retain & Serve

Prescribe & Implement

If you decide to retain us we formulate a customised action plan based on your answers to our diagnosis.

We do not Have a "Group Think" Plan to offer only Personalised Plans

This plan is designed specially for you, and it can be modified according to your feedback and experiences.

Retain & Serve

We start working on your financial challenges within the age & time horizon that all parties agree upon.

Your retainment of to offer ongoing services will be modified dependant on changes in your circumstances and our ongoing results.

New Property Investment Done Right

New Property and Finance is your leading source of advice and guidance regarding property investments in Australia.

From planning to developing new real estate projects, our team will be with you on your property investing success journey.

Services and Advice

  • Building your property portfolio
  • Development
  • Building Design
  • Town Planning
  • Building Certification
  • Builder selection

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Achieving Financial Freedom

by Allan Pearson

When helping my clients to achieve Financial Freedom through business ownership (especially My Property Investing Business Clients); I constantly remind them of the importance of: 

  • to understand the difference between investing & speculating, and
  • to understand their level of risk tolerance. 

These are the two primary points that every consultant must keep in front-of-mind when helping their clients to make sound decisions with their hard-earned equity or money. (NB: A Sound Decision is one that will stand the test of time, that is - did your decision produce the desired outcome in the time prescribed?)

I define the difference between Investing and Speculating this way - it all revolves around your CAPITAL security (Equity & Cash). Both methods involve personal risk tolerance.

  • INVESTING - This is strategically placing your capital with the prospect of generating income and capital appreciation in the future with a low risk of losing your capital. 
  • SPECULATING - This is putting your money with the possibility of winning big or losing it all (income and capital appreciation) in the future with a high risk of losing all your capital. 

ALL investing involves “risk.” 

Every time you invest, it carries some level of risk. However, the potential of losing your entire investment amount is what differentiates investing from speculating. Other risk-influencing factors to investing for you to consider before pulling the trigger on committing your capital is to include:

  • Your age & time horizon (Wealth accumulation, Passive Income Streaming, Legacy Building, 10, 15, 20, 40 years, or ?)
  • Your trigger-pulling decision criteria, and 
  • Individual investor attitude.

“Curiosity is the Key to all Learning - No room for Know-it-alls!

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